Covers for Aircraft, Military and Civil Vehicles, Boats

A proper storage and protection of vehicles and infrastructures is essential to reduce wear and to ensure high performance over the time.

Arsavio designs and manufactures protection systems that can be customized according to the specific needs of the customer by using different types of fabrics; resistant to high and low temperatures with anti-friction, anti-abrasion and anti-scratch properties and fabrics produced in accordance to military specifications.

The cutting and sewing of the fabric is performed with numerical control machines in order to guarantee production repeatability of the covers.

Protections for Structures

Arsavio develops and manufactures protections for the exposed parts of the structures in order to ensure further safety during maintenance activities.

The protections are made with materials that can be fixed without specific anchors, but thanks to the mechanical elasticity of the material.

Some examples of use may be: protective mats for the walkable areas of the aircraft structure, protrusions caused by the removal of parts of the vehicle, or protection of the wing edges.

In the case of applications for Helicopters or Airplanes, the protections may be completed with the "Remove Before Flight" flag “Remove Before Flight”

Arsavio also produces engine air intake closing caps and / or other types of closure at the customer's request.